Saturday, 21 October 2017
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Why work with a business brokerage? Whether you are buying or selling your business, you are negotiating a complex asset that is worth a lot of money. Working with a professional brokerage firm greatly increases your chances of success whether you are buying or selling. Hallmark Business Sales knows how to match buyers with suitable businesses. Our strong commitment to our clients sets us worlds apart from other business brokerage firms. We have everything you need and much more, with access to services like Finance, Insurance and Mergers & Acquisitions. If you work with Hallmark Business Sales, you’ll get the best result.

Buy A Business
  Buying a business is
one of the biggest investments you will ever make. It is the number one goal of Hallmark Business Sales to unite buyers with their ideal business.

All of our brokers are passionate, highly experienced and experts in their individual fields. We operate on a level that is designed so that you get the best performance and advice. Leverage our experience and buy the best business for you, at the right price!
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Sell A Business
  Selling your business is not an easy task. The market is huge and when it comes to qualifying potential buyers, trying to sell your own business can quickly take up more time than running your business!


  One of the first is deciding how much your business is worth. To realistically price your business you need an excellent understanding of your marketplace and your business’s goodwill and future earning profitability. Don’t risk selling your business for less than its true worth
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